Saturday, February 11, 2006

Going Green

All my life, I've mocked tree-hugging granola eaters with hairy armpits who think that we are destroying the world. My backing has been science - we've been on earth about .00000001% of the lifetime of the planet. Foolhardy to think that in that short amount of time, we could make irrevocable effects on the planet. Besides, a minor volcano eruption releases more CFC's and CO2 into the atmosphere than the whole of global industry could in a decade.


I think it is time to change my ways. I am willing to give up my cars and ride bikes from now on if America can give up on its reliance on fossil fuels from the Middle East. My reason? I am sick to death about hearing about the Arabs. I have nothing against the Arabs... I just don't want to ever hear or care about them again. If we take out the oil factor, the Arab nations will become like Africa or South America. When's the last time you heard or cared about death, destruction or bedlam in Paraguay or Zimbabwe? I'm sure it happens... but it's their problem. Why do I have to hear about it incessently in the news?

It's time... we need to give up on our reliance on fossil fuels. We need to pursue renewable energy and remove the sword that Arabs hold over us. It will be a glorious day when we are free of OPEC and oil. Let them murder each other. Let them destroy each other. Take out the oil equation... and none of us will care.



At February 11, 2006 at 5:25 PM, Blogger josmom78 said...

Wow! That's probably the most idealistic thing I've ever heard from you. It's wonderful!


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