Saturday, February 11, 2006

Death for Cartoons

Muslim outrage at Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohommed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb? Muslims assaulting US military bases and Danish consulates in anger and outrage. Lives lost, property destroyed... endless news coverage.

I have a question...

Where is the Muslim outrage at Islamic extremists who murder innocents in the name of Mohommed? Where is the Muslim outrage at the unchecked thirst for thirst for the destruction of an entire people (Isreal)? Where is the Muslim outrage at Sunni v Shiite murder? Where is the Muslim outrage at the curtailing of religious and idealogical freedom in EVERY arab nation? Where is the Muslim outrage that in EVERY arab nation, wealth is concentrated in a single digit minority while everyone else lives in poverty? Where is the Muslim outrage at the abuse and outright slavery of third-country nationals who are imported in to arab nations to do the "common" labor?

I would accept any level of bedlam from the Isamic "street" to right any of the wrongs I've labeled above... but kill people and destroy property for a DAMN CARTOON?

Madness... madness


At February 11, 2006 at 5:57 PM, Blogger josmom78 said...

Well, you have to remember that most of those acts fall in the category of "acceptable" under Muslim criteria. However, defamating the figure Muhammed is number one on the top-ten-things-never-to-do list. It's a familiar and important issue to the Arab people -- the iconoclasts vs. the iconophiles. I respect the Muslim religion and culture; however, I was raised to believe in freedom of religion, freedom of expression, to value life, liberty and the pusuit of happiness, PROVIDED THAT my actions do not harm other people. The extremist Muslim people do not share this ideology with me. In this way, it makes perfect sense that violent reactionaries have taken it upon themselves to avenge their revered prophet. And, in a way, the Dutch newspaper, presumably within a goverment that exercises the same sort of democratic ideology as ours, IS to blame, since they exercised their freedom of religion wrecklessly without regard to the exception that their actions must not bring harm to other people. And IF the Dutch people say that they had no idea this sort of reaction would occur, then, they are lying or really, really stupid. The former seems to make more sense to me.


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